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Online Divine Programs 

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The Divine Strength
5-Day Shape Up Your Plate and Posture Challenge

Restore Your Daily Diet and Realign Your Physical
Posture the Way God Intended! 


Get The Ultimate Balance In Your Body, Mind, and Spirit...
And Live The Way God Intended! 

Get Started Today!

Great posture starts with great programming and this is why I created my 5-Day Shape Up Your Plate and Posture Challenge. So that I could take my knowledge, experience, and wisdom to God's daughters. I wanted to create online programs that not only would honor God but would give His daughters the divine tools to help them regain balance in all of the areas of who they are; spirit, body, mind, and body chemistry.  I wanted to give women the divine tools to take a proactive instead of a reactive approach to their health.  

     My 5-Day Challenge helps kickstart this process whether or not you are a beginner exerciser or an advanced athlete my "wholistic" approach is the best approach to reaching your goals whether it be weight loss, living a pain-free life, or simply just feeling and looking better. I'm confident my online programs will be key to getting you there!

Click here to learn more about Karen's Challenge Now!

The Divine Strength
Lifestyle Program

Coming soon!

I'm excited to bring to you my 40-Day Lifestyle Program so that you can experience God's way of eating and living a balanced life that will help you lose weight and get into shape as a lifestyle... and NOT as an event.  I get it if losing weight was easy we'd all be thin! But the fact is there is more to us than just meets the eye. We have a spirit that needs to be rejuvenated,  a mind that needs to be renewed, a body that needs to be trained, and body chemistry that needs to be balanced.  You might feel balanced in some of these areas or unbalanced in all of them.  Optimal health occurs when you are balanced in all of these areas. You might say Karen is that really possible?  My answer back to you is yes! why? Because we serve a God of balance and a God who wants the best for His daughters. 

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