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Divine Weight Loss Programs For 
Busy Professional ChristianWomen

The Divine Strength
90-Day Whole 
Body Transformation

Divine 90-Day Whole Body Transformation

I'm thrilled to introduce my latest group coaching program, "The Divine 90-Day Whole Body Transformation," specially crafted for busy professional Christian women aspiring to shed 30 lbs or more. This program is more than just a weight loss initiative; it's a journey toward adopting God's approach to eating and embracing a balanced lifestyle. The goal is to help you not only lose weight but also make it a sustainable part of your life, transcending the realm of an isolated event.

Let's face it, if losing weight were easy, we'd all be effortlessly fit. However, our complexity goes beyond appearances. We possess a spirit in need of rejuvenation, a mind requiring renewal, a body to be trained, and body chemistry seeking balance.

You might find balance in some aspects while feeling unbalanced in others. Optimal health is achieved when equilibrium is established across all these realms. You might question, "Is that really possible, Karen?" My resounding answer is yes! Why? Because we serve a God of balance, a God who desires the best for His daughters.

Take the step to connect with me for further details on how this life-changing program can not only guide you towards your weight loss goals but also empower you to live the abundant life that God has destined for you! Hurry, your transformative journey awaits!


Divine 40-Day Whole Body Transformation

The Divine Strength
40-Day Whole 
Body Transformation

Accelerate your transformation in just 40 days with our Divine 40-Day Whole Body Transformation program, kickstarting your path to shedding 10 to 20 lbs of unwanted weight. Our comprehensive plan includes group accountability coaching and lifetime access to our incredible membership portal.

This program transcends conventional weight loss methods; it's a transformative journey into God's approach to eating and embracing a balanced lifestyle. It integrates weight loss and fitness seamlessly into your daily routine, shifting the focus from sporadic events to a sustained, holistic lifestyle.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your transformation. Join us today and make lasting changes for a healthier, balanced, and vibrant life


Restore Your Daily Diet and Realign Your Physical Posture The Way God Intended!

The Divine Strength
5-Day Shape Up Your Plate and Posture Challenge

5-Day Shape Up Your Plate and Posture Challenge

Great posture starts with great programming and this is why I created my 5-Day Shape Up Your Plate and Posture Challenge. So that I could take my knowledge, experience, and wisdom to God's daughters. I wanted to create online programs that not only would honor God but would give His daughters the divine tools to help them regain balance in all of the areas of who they are; spirit, body, mind, and body chemistry.  I wanted to give women the divine tools to take a proactive instead of a reactive approach to their health.  


My 5-Day Challenge helps kickstart this process whether or not you are a beginner exerciser or an advanced athlete my "wholistic" approach is the best approach to reaching your goals whether it be weight loss, living a pain-free life, or simply just feeling and looking better. I'm confident my online programs will be key to getting you there!


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