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Divine Mission

Our mission at Divine Strength Fitness is to deliver the same balanced and high-quality fitness programming online that we have been delivering for the past 32 years in person. We are very excited to be able to serve you in this way and we look forward to helping you! 

Divine Online Personal Training 
Over the past 32+ years, I've had the privilege of helping hundreds of women live a more abundant, balanced, and healthier lifestyle. that I believe is pleasing to the Lord. My mission now is to offer the same expertise that I learned in my award-winning fitness center and book, The Divine Strength Diet Plan, to the Christian woman. 
     I have worked with women of all ages with minor to major health issues. I have enjoyed sharing with them my God-led "wholistic" approach to their physical and nutritional health.
Although, I am offering online personal training right now on a limited basis. I invite you to be part of my online challenges and coaching programs at this time. 
Click on the video below to take a sneak peak inot my Divine 5-Day Shape Up Your Plate & Posture Challenge.

Learn more about Karen and her
5-Day Challenge by clicking on the video! 
Push Up
Divine Vision
Our vision is to bring to you the highest quality online coaching programs and challenges in the market place that take your spirit, body, mind, and body chemistry to a new level.
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