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Wiley C.

Spicewood, Tx.

Karen offers a whole body personal training program that optimizes balance,posture, alignment and strength training, and which includes recommendations  for cardio training and diet.  Its a great program for people over 50 who want to stay fit and healthy. I highly recommend her.  

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Linda H.

Bee Cave, Tx.

As a 72-year old retired teacher, I came to Karen Hartnett 12 months ago.  My primary concern was my constant back pain and lack of physical stamina.  My back pain was complicated by scoliosis and an automobile accident many years ago.  With Karen's professional help, my alignment, muscle strength and tome has incredibley improved.  I have much more stamina, and I'm basically pain-free without the use of medication!  Karen's intuitive, restorative personal training experience and knowledge of exercise has been a powerful combination in my improvement.  Her program design that includes both alignment and flexibility exercises have strengthened my body and each week I'm amazed at how much stronger and more flexible my body has become! I highly recommend Karen Hartnett as a restorative personal trainer!      

Taylor N.


Lakeway, Tx.

Karen, who has been my personal trainer for a couple of years, has helped me more than any of my Physical Therapists. She not only custom fitted an exercise program for me, but also helps to relieve me of pain and improve my mobility by releasing certain trigger areas. Everyone I know that goes to her thinks she is a treasure. 

Joel B.

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Lakeway, Tx.  

Karen Hartnett has provided extraordinary therapy in rehabilitating use of my left arm, shoulder and hand following a major stroke. Muscles that had been inactive for years have become useful again and have widen my flexibility tremendously. We are continuing to work on hip, arm strength, wrist and finger mobility.